North Korea Tensions Trigger Global Red Alert

A historic meeting is held these days in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, starting Friday, May 6th, and expected to last four or five days. For the first time in the last 36 years, the Workers’ Party Congress will take place in Pyongyang, but what does it truly hide?

Kim Jong-Un has already adopted measures to minimize the unpleasant accidents at the event, banning funerals and weddings. Citizens aren’t allowed to leave Pyongyang or to enter it, to ensure full control over the situation.

It is evident that the North-Korean leader wants to attract the attention of international governments. We are awaiting that he will proclaim (and also expect the other global powers to accept the idea) the state a nuclear power, and contour his vision over the country’s economic and military future – and the specialists’ forecast isn’t pink.

They are speaking about an imminent World War III, and here is why we believe them:

  • North Korea might be on the brink of economic collapse, due to massive food shortages and other coercive measures that have been applied, both since the beginning of the regime and recently.
  • The only strain of hope Kim Jong-un has left hangs onto the nuclear power the country has invested in. Beginning with 2006, it has been four nuclear tests, and it is anticipated that a fifth one will take place during the before-mentioned Congress.
  • South Korea has already prepared and is steady for any further nuclear tests, but has leaned towards U.S. for help.

A third World War (and any beforehand conflicts) would directly imply U.S, either as the first target as a nuclear playground for North or due to the massive military presence post-Korean War in South Korea. Moreover, the number of troops Washington has additionally sent raises up to 17,000 and an array of U.S. aircraft and naval vessels.

Our country has already adopted, unofficially, an expectancy policy and has increased and sharpened its senses towards a new world war. We are ready, but are the U.S Citizens ready to change and adapt their lives to the new realities that will occur?

Washington will have to settle an austerity policy, which implies cutting off many of what we see as liberties or rights, but that’s by far the easiest thing to deal with. World War III would be, without a doubt, a nuclear war. Russia, North Korea, Middle East,  many nuclear forces will probably unite and, depending on how much anger they’ve gathered, will put the world to an end – or not.



Keep an eye on the news and find out what goes out of this Congress and where we’re heading to. Share your opinion with us!


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