The Zero Electricity Cooler. A Vital Invention for People Without Electricity

During winter, air conditioning is not mandatory. However, when you’re living in a hot climate or you have to leave your home, and the grid goes down, you have to think how to survive it. Think about situations when you can be forced to live in unpleasant conditions because someone attacked your house, or a disaster strikes. The main idea […]

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Why Secret Government Warehouse Stockpiling for Pandemic Can’t Be Discussed Publicly?

There are some secret government storage facilities that American people don’t know anything about. It is evident they are preparing for a massive emergency. These hidden stockpiles have the role in supporting the logistics in case of an unmatchable or even unimaginable disaster in this country. What happens if: A massive pandemic wipes through American cities? The avian flu or […]

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Why The World Needs Preppers to Survive? Why Survivalists Are a Great Asset for The Entire Planet?

Survivalists are usually considered paranoid conspiracy theorists by the media, but during a major hit or disaster, they are the heroes. There was a time when everyone was needed to be a survivalist or prepper. It was a time when people reutilized everything they could because they had to. In the past, if there was an emergency situation as a […]

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